What I think is “normal” is actually “ADHD supernormal”

I have a wonderful new PA who is supporting me in my far too many admin and social media tasks.

This weekend one of my tasks was to edit my Focus with Faigy website and check over the wording and links.

My PA had updated the website and now used a much better editing tool. I spent two productive hours of focused time, working out this new software and plowing through the website pages. 

I felt very accomplished and pleased with myself. I had managed to stay focused for two hours, and actually enjoyed the work. I had tightened the wording and made it all flow better.

In the evening, I jumped back on to the website. I looked at the screen. I looked again. I did a double take. It looked like no changes had happened. 

I looked again, and dug around. I realised that there were two “save” buttons. I had only saved the first one, and not the second…Ouch. 

Sounds familiar? If you have ADHD, you will most likely be nodding your head.

What would I have done only a few years ago?

My inner critic would have had a celebration. That inner devil would jump up and start to pound me non-stop.

Here is a sample of what I used to think

“Faigy you are such an idiot. You never ever do anything right. When you put in some really focused work, you always do something to get you unravelled. Life is so hard. Business is so hard. Life is so hard. Why is it all so terribly hard?  It’s just excruciating. I may as well give up.”

I have worked mightily on myself and my ADHD.

This is what I really thought,

“That’s annoying. Most of my edits weren’t saved. Oh well, hey ho.

I will just zip through the edits really quickly. They will get done in a snap. This is what happens when I learn something new.

My working memory deficit jumps in…and says, “hello, remember me.” I now know that it often takes me longer to learn a new skill, hopefully I will remember this lesson.

I am going to share this incident with my client on Tuesday.

We are going to have a chuckle.”

I never ever gave up. I battled on, until I reached a semblance of inner peace and calm. I am still battling every day. Today it is a different battle. It is a humorous battle of self-acceptance. I now apologise readily to myself for squeezing the life out of me, and my loved ones for being too snappy and impulsive.

Surprisingly they respect me more for being real and honest.

If you don’t have ADHD, you may be thinking, “What is Faigy on about?” If you have ADHD, you will know that my latter reaction is priceless wisdom.

You and only you control your success. You and only you can pick yourself up and learn the simple and easy tools that you need to support your ADHD brain.

Stop stumbling and tripping yourself up. Start to skip down your Life path with light and ease. 

My Online courses are a fantastic resource for you to learn how to unlock your ADHD potential.

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