Walking increases your confidence and focus

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Walking increases your confidence and focus

I contacted the Ramblers with my story in appreciation for this wonderful organisation,  (read below) and they contacted me to be featured in their next project. I  am so pleased to share the Ramblers Festival of Winter Walks, series. Find out more here.

I joined the ramblers in March 2019. Since I am an ADHD coach and my work is very demanding I decided to do something concrete to improve my mental health. If I want to run a successful business I need to be fit and healthy, and I need to cultivate the skill of resilience.

Tova my friend, joined in 2018. She is a family portrait photographer. We are both one of the younger members of the group. Since we are busy mums, the Sunday walking groups are not an option for us.

We joined the Greater Manchester High Peak Area group as it is the only group in Manchester that accesses the walks using public transport. No pressure, no prior commitment, just turn up at the station on the day.

I had only attended a handful of groups when John Rattray, the group organiser came around asking members to volunteer to lead the walks for the coming 6 months.

For many years Tova had a dream to be a walking group leader. She had no opportunity to fulfil her dream due to her family and work commitments. Walking and exploring the local countryside had always been a high priority for her.

Feel the fear and do it anyway, it’s easier than you think

I hadn’t looked at an OS map in over 25 years and Tova didn’t know how to read a map. We decided to sign up and lead a walk together to give back in a small way to our group. After we signed up, we were a bit nervous about how to go about this.

We needn’t have worried. The group emphasises encouraging and supporting new walk leaders. Philippa Sharp, a long-time faithful member, very generously offered to come out walking with us and show us how to read the OS map, and how to prepare for the walk. Philippa is a mainstay of the group, regularly going out of her way, assisting her fellow group members to plan walks, and covering for them when they can’t lead a walk. We are very appreciative of her assistance.

When we joined the group we just wanted to meet new people and get out in the surrounding countryside to improve our fitness and mental health. We have gained so much; new friendships, new skills and above all else the confidence and the knowledge that we can do far more than we thought we could.

We look forward to leading the walk in November.

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