The secret to create your dream business during Lockdown


How do you create your dream business? It’s easy. Here is how you do it.

Your business is an extension of yourself. During stressful times, such as the current Lockdown, it is so easy to forget to look after yourself, and focus on others.
Do you know who loses out the most when you forget about yourself?
It’s YOU!!
Do you know who loses out next?
If you have ADHD, it is so easy to forget about yourself and focus on those around you. The truth is that you need to inject constant new energy into yourself, so that you can draw from your creative resources and put that into your business.
You need to regularly recharge your batteries, and fill yourself up with what energises you
Here is the secret to keeping you and your business  energised and motivated.
On Monday we took the family out for a lovely walk. We travelled 15 minutes in the car to an area in Salford, Manchester called Worsley. I am ashamed to say that even though we pride ourselves in exploring new places, we had never been to this place before!It was absolutely beautiful. Running through the quaint town centre was the Bridgewater canal, the first canal to be built in England over 200 years ago. This was the start of the Industrial Revolution. There are real Tudor houses, and a beautiful forest, Worsley Woods.
The children said this was the best history lesson ever! their schools have never taken them to this place!When we came home we all felt energised, as if we had been away on hoiday.
What energises you?
What beautiful places near you are waiting to be explored?
Don’t wait for the perfect moment…Your business needs your inspiration.What are you going to do today to energise yourself?

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