The little known facts about ADHD that will make all the difference in understanding your ADHD. Part 2

The little known facts about ADHD that will make all the difference in understanding your ADHD. Part 2


Unfortunately all too often practioners who are diagnosing ADHD think that if one can focus one does not have ADHD. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Those with ADHD do have great focus.  In fact they often have greater focus skills than their non-ADHD peers. The ability to focus is based  according to the person’s level of interest. The more interest, the greater the ability to focus, so that they may lose sense of time passing.  This form of intense focusing is called “hyper-focus.”  The inabililty to focus, which is the most common trait associated with ADHD is called “hypo-focus.”

Those with ADHD  always need to feel an intense interest in what they are doing in order to be able to focus. They need to feel challenged and need a sense of novelty or newness in what they are doing. A sense of urgency and intense passion also motivate and help them focus.

Importance, rewards, and consequences never motivate or help the person with ADHD focus on their task.

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