The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home

I am delighted to share my new weekly FREE podcast series with you!

“The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home.”

This is your podcast to understand how to harness your ADHD to organise your home and find focus and clarity in your life. In this series I will share  my decluttering and organising secrets with you.  And I will show you how I apply those ideas on a daily basis inside the rooms of my home.

New podcasts will go live on Sundays at 11am.

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Next Sunday 14th November at 11am Episode 2 will go live. It will be a 30 minute in-depth podcast on how your ADHD brain development affects your clutter…

You can also watch the entertaining version of this episode and the forthcoming episodes in my expanded course on my Udemy Channel. There are episodes that are exclusive to Udemy.

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