Specialist Tools for ADHD Coaches

Life has thrown it’s many curveballs at me. In addition, I  have made countless mistakes. Through moving through those experiences and having learned from my many mistakes,  I am now in the position to  mentor ADHD coaches. I will show you how you can get out of your way, and create a livable income through actualising your  dreams. 

Setting up your ADHD coaching business is far more difficult than you were let on.

The ADHD niche is a very challenging field.

Let me share a  little known secret with you. Your ADHD coach training was not enough to get you going and establish your ADHD coaching business. The most vital part got missed out! 

Without this information, your ADHD coaching business will fail – miserably.

You deserve the support and the SKILLS to help your ADHD clients. You need specialised client sign-up tools, business admin tools, ADHD coaching tools to succeed.

In addition to my regular ADHD coaching practice, I  created an affordable membership program for ADHD coaches, that fills in the missing information that no ADHD coach training program in the world teaches you. 


Eleni Sfiroudis at Eleni Sfiroudis ADHD & Expert Executive Function Coach

I am a certified ADHD coach. Faigy is an incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and committed coach. I most appreciate that she is able to connect bits from our conversations into action items to keep me moving forward and focused on my own long-term objectives, especially when they may not yet be clear to me. As a coach myself that recently moved to the UK, Faigy has been patient and meets me where I am, with both my personal and professional goals. I am most grateful to work with her.

Contact Eleni here: https://www.facebook.com/adhdcoacheleni/

Rabbi Avi Pollak Success Coach at ASAP solutions

August 2019. I trained as an ICF certified coach. “I read both of Faigy Liebermann’s books and was so impressed with her knowledge, and expertise that I signed up for this program.
January 2020. “I have now completed the ADHD Accelerator Program and I have established my successful ADHD coaching business, something, that was more of a dream in the past. I received the  know-how, and confidence to push through my fears and move forward.
I am coaching clients, and taking on new clients regularly. I am preparing for a time management workshop for business men in a couple of months and really believe the sky’s not even the limit! Thank you!”
Contact Avi at cbtmashgiach@gmail.com


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