Michelle Beckett is a coaching client. She is founder of ADHD Action, and set up the APPG for ADHD in parliament.

 Here is her testimonial

“I couldn’t have got through the last few months of my life without Faigy. I had a very challenging time moving home on my own, alongside other issues, and Faigy worked with me step by step to declutter, prepare and offload.

Now I’ve moved I’m very nearly completely sorted, thanks to her, and now she’s carefully working through with me the final steps.
Literally life changing!
I have been cluttered and disorganised my entire life, but working with someone who completely understands your difficulties is invaluable. No more mess. I finally got rid of paperwork piles that dated back 13 years. My head feels clearer as a result of her strategies, and my energy levels are starting to soar again.
Can’t thank her enough for helping to bring my ‘mojo’ back. I didn’t quite believe the impact the physical environment could have on someone until working with Faigy.
When it all seems too much to deal with, and overwhelming, get in touch. She’ll break it down, motivate – and most of all – understand.”

Are you struggling with your ADHD, or living with a loved one who has ADHD?
You don’t need to suffer alone anymore. Studies have found that ADHD coaching really works.
This testimonial speaks for itself.
I get your challenges, and I have the tools to help you lead your successful life.
Click on this link and set up your FREE Discovery call today.

Stop the lies and your shame and  overwhelm,  and start to live your dream life today.

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