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Email from a potential ADHD client:

Hey Faigy,

I’ve just done a google search for ADHD coaches in the UK. You come pretty much top of the list, and your website is awesome and seems to be for women just like me.

I’m going to try and keep this really short – but I’m sorry if I waffle on a bit!

I’ve recently been referred for an ADHD diagnosis, and I’m increasingly thinking that I’m affected by autism too. I’m an accountant, and run my own business, but I’m slowly burning out because of how much socialising I need to do.

Someone recently suggested I change my niche to work with women business owners with ADHD.

I know that you work with them too. Is accounting and finance something you find that they struggle with? Given my limited knowledge of ADHD, I figure it’s either an interest that can be hyperfocused on, or they’ll avoid it like the plague.

I know it’s a cheeky ask, but do you think I’d be able to share a couple of free resources I’ve been working on with your audience to see what the uptake is like? I really want to help women in business and I feel like that’s more likely to happen with business owners with ADHD than my current niche.

Thank you so much for you time, I know it’s really precious.

My response, which I didn’t send:


You are right. I do come up pretty high on the list of ADHD coaches in the UK. I would say, that I come on the top of the list of certified ADHD coaches in the UK.

I have certified with PAAC, the worldwide gold standard in ADHD coaching. In the last 5 years,  I have done more to empower ADHD women than any other ADHD coach, here in the UK.

You are right. It is cheeky to ask. Too many people think they can have an easy way to the top by riding on the wave of my success. Too many people think that they will just take some free resources from here, and some tools from there, and create a program that they can make good money with.

This does not work. 

Too many ADHD adults and children clients are being sacrificed on the alter of self-righteous feelings of grandiosity that their “ADHD professionals” seem to have.

Too many ADHD coaches do not want to put in the effort that I have put in to reach that level of success.  They don’t train properly, don’t get certified. They are causing a lot of damage in the UK ADHD scene. I sincerely hope that you will not be one of them.

I am not insured to give free advice.

I suggest that you start from the beginning and work your way slowly upwards, little by little.

I offer 121 mentoring for ADHD clients and ADHD Coaches. When you are ready to invest in yourself, please get in touch with me.

You will be pleasantly surprised to see how much there is to learn.

I wish you great success in the future.

Successful ADHD management is “Pills and Skills.” 

When you have ADHD, you need both medication and life skills. A professionally certified ADHD coach can support you in taking your life to the next level.

Learn more about my ADHD books here.

My site contains a wide range of courses for ADHD self-help and professional training – read more here and join the Creative ADHD Women in Business FaceBook group here.

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