Pesach Survival with Your ADHD

Are you overwhelmed with integrating the many parts of your life? And Pesach is around the corner…
Are you a creative ADHD woman? Do you struggle to make Pesach and stay sane? Are you searching for that elusive tool that will finally banish your overwhelm, and internal chaos once and for all? I have news for you! You are already using that tool every day!
Discover two secrets that will help you to prepare for Pesach this year with focus and clarity.
I am going to share with you two little known secrets that every Creative ADHD woman needs to know. When you really really understand how to apply these two secrets to your life, they will have the power to dramatically transform your life.

Success Secret 1 - Your Mess and Internal Chaos is a Sign of Your Creativity

You may have been struggling with your mess and clutter since you were very young.

You are probably struggling with self-doubt and wondering why can “everyone” around you create organised systems and maintain them, seemingly effortlessly?

Why can’t you work it out no matter how hard you try?

Here is the bombshell:

Your mess is a sign of your creative strengths. You see solutions where others women see problems. When other women see a straight line, you see a roundabout route that leads you to a totally different and far better outcome.

As a Professional Organiser, when I enter a client’s home for the first time, I have a good look around. I usually see items strewn about, with no rhyme or reason.

Behaviour is brain based. Through observing my client’s environment I get a good idea about my client’s internal world.

When I see mess, I see creativity.

With each client I see one common factor.

Most clients have no systems to store their belongings. As a result, their belongings are piled up and left lying around. 

Many clients share their dreams with me, but they are so overwhelmed by their mess, and managing their chaotic lives, that they haven’t “found” the time to nurture their dreams.

As  Jewish ADHD woman, you need to learn tools how to live your life with clear and concrete systems for every single area of your life. Your systems can be compared to a container. If the container is broken, or cracked, the contents will fall out. If you create systems at home and in other life areas, those systems will hold your life in place. This applies even more so to making Pesach. As a result you will increase your focus and the channel of creativity will open up. 

I created an ADHD focused Pesach survival course on Udemy  that is easy to follow and put into action. It is tailored for the creative Jewish woman. It is full of clear ADHD focused tools that will support you not only for the run-up to Pesach, but for the entire year. I value your time. My signature style is clear and to the point. I do not waffle. Check out my course “How to turn Pesach Punishment into Pesach Paradise.” The tools are all tailored for the Jewish ADHD woman, however every Jewish woman can benefit as well. 

Success Secret 2 - Simplify the Way You Make Pesach - With no Guilt!

When your ADHD brain thinks creatively to form something new, or solve a problem, it often does not think in a linear fashion. This is one of the strengths of your ADHD brain. If you don’t channel this in the right way, it is also your downfall.

You may think in random dots, and then you join the dots together. Not only does the ADHD brain think “out of the box,” there is “no box” at all.

This is how the ADHD brain works. This will be apparent in every situation. I see this with my organising clients and equally with my ADHD coaching/time management clients. Instead of thinking of a simple solution, the ADHD brain goes off on a convoluted tangent.

This is a strength and needs to be channelled in the right way. This explains why so many ADHD women struggle to create order and systems in their home and lives. They naturally overcomplicate their systems, and set themselves up for failure.

If you are a creative ADHD women be aware that you default place will be to overcomplicate things when you really don’t need to. Instead of seeing a straight line, you see something else…

Stop over-complicating your life. You need to simplify every part, yes every aspect of making Pesach.

You may need to learn this, as it probably won’t come naturally to you. The trick is to do it with no guilt! When you simplify one area, you make more time for other more enriching tasks in your life.

My clients see mess and chaos, and feel shame. I see creativity, potential, and inner genius.

Your difficulty in creating systems is a sign of your creative strength.

Check out my Creative Women in Business video here, and you will get what I mean.

ADHD Facts

ADHD is not a childhood condition. It continues across the lifespan.
Women with ADHD often have a higher IQ than average.
ADHD is just as common in girls as it is in boys. The ADHD symptoms are different in girls than in boys.
This means that too many women in the Jewish communities here in the UK where I live, and worldwide are overwhelmed struggling and they don’t know why. They could very well be struggling due to undiagnosed ADHD, who are suffering needlessly, and not getting the right help.

ADHD management is “Pills and Skills.” Unmanaged ADHD affects every area of life. ADHD coaching complements ADHD medications. ADHD medication only manages up to 50% of ADHD symptoms. The remaining 50% needs to be addressed through ADHD coaching. This is specific coaching that teaches the ADHD client the life skills that they need in order to succeed with their ADHD.

Every person diagnosed with ADHD without exception needs some aspect of life skills training and support. The tools that ADHD clients learn, support the brain’s executive function deficit. Sadly, when the ADHD sufferer lives life catching up from one self-made crisis to another, they may end up with serious emotional issues that entail therapy. ADHD coaching support must be offered first before therapy.

An expert ADHD coach will challenge their client to come out of his/her comfort zone, move forward and put into action the tools at their own pace.

ADHD coaching is incredibly specialised. Sadly, too often, too many ADHD coaches are not properly trained, and many times, not trained at all in this highly specialised field. They are doing a lot of damage to their clients, and the image of ADHD coaching. This situation is sadly very common in the UK.

I am setting the gold standard in ADHD coaching, I am the first PAAC certified ADHD coach in the UK to be certified on the PCAC level. PAAC is the worldwide gold standard in ADHD Coaching credentialing.

The mainstream ADHD coach training programs in the UK and the USA focus too much on the general coaching methods. They need to offer better more comprehensive training in ADHD tools, and business admin support for the ADHD coach.

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