Own Your ADHD – Discover Your True Potential – Second Revised Edition Out Now!

I am delighted to announce the second revised edition is out now on Amazon and Kindle.

Publishing this book has been one of the most exciting and challenging tasks in my life.

The book was first published in March 2019.  I had hyperfocused on this book for a year. Three professional proofreaders had gone through the book. It was time to get it out there to the public.

The hardest part was that I knew that there were mistakes, and there was more information that needed to be included in the book, however at that moment in time, I just had to publish it. I just had to FINISH the job!!

I will be honest with you. For 6 weeks prior to publishing the book I was a nervous wreck. So many “doom and gloom” messages were rolling around my head,

“What if no one likes it and people think I am a daft idiot?”

“What if there are so many mistakes”

“What if the content really is not relevant?”

And on and on…


There are two secrets to publishing a book. The first secret to publishing your book, or getting any new project off the ground is being OK to fail. It is feeling the fear, but doing the job anyway. The worst thing besides fear of failure, is fear of not actualising your potential.

I knew that this book just had to get published. The ADHD knowledge and understanding in the UK is dire. I am the only certified ADHD coach that has written a book about ADHD so far in the UK.

When I first published this book I felt that the book was around 80% completed. I know that many large companies such as Apple put out their new products when they are not completed, and get feedback from the public how to improve them.  I decided to do the same. I pushed through and got it published. And I am so glad I did! The book was very well received. People told me that they learned so much about ADHD that they never knew. I was really pleased.

Over the past year I went over the book, added in chapters, deleted whole chunks, moved a diagram that was in the wrong chapter…horror of horrors… (no one noticed…) The book interface is much better than the first edition.

I know that I will be tweaking bits here and there, (I have done so already…) The second version is around 98% finished, which is as close to perfect as I can make it. I am really pleased with this second revised edition.  The book cover looks the same as the original version. Rest assured that this is the only edition currently available on Amazon.

I could NEVER have reached 98% before reaching 80%

So many people (especially those with ADHD) aim for perfection, and then get terribly disappointed when they don’t reach their goals. You need to break down the task, and don’t be afraid of putting out an imperfect product. This is the first step to the next one and the next one…Long-term success rarely happens in one huge leap. It happens slowly in stages…

The second secret is to just do, and stop thinking and analysing. Ignore those thoughts, since they may be your downfall…

Buy from my website, also available in kindle format.

Do you have a book, that is unfinished? I challenge you to get up, brush off the dust, and get moving…

Buy your book here.

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