How to Succeed in Business With Your ADHD


With my busy family (I am married with 5 children ranging from 8-21 years, with more than one child having ADHD…)

I don’t have endless time.

 Really not…
In fact you could say that I am “time starved…”
If you are like me, juggling family and professional work commitments, then you know that the time that you spend on your business is very limited.
Even that limited time is even more limited… As a mum, my family comes first, and many times each week I need to prioritize and decide how much of my to spend on last minute family arrangements etc.
Sounds familiar?
I had planned to set aside 2 hours every Sunday to write a weekly blog/newsletter. Why oh why does it not get done? Well this past Sunday I had a last minute appointment with one of my children, which meant that I had less time for this. Other tasks took longer than I thought, thus cutting into my time allocated to this task…
In the end, I had no time left to spend on this task. So it’s Wednesday and it still hasn’t gotten done… And soon it will be Thursday…
My original idea is by now irrelevant, so I am going to ask you the following question: Can you relate to the challenge I have just described? Do you find that your business time just gets “eaten up” and there is so much to do, and so little time to do it in?
If you are nodding along, and feeling overwhelmed, just like me, then I have a piece of ADHD advice for you:

The first secret that you need to know is how to think flexibly.

Instead of focusing on what you haven’t done this week, focus on what you have done, and what you have done well. 
Important Tip: It may not even be work related…
Some weeks you may spend a lot of time on other commitments  that are not related to your work, like children, caring for elderly parents, other’s self-made crises, emergency house repairs.
You get the idea.
The key to success in your  business and your personal life is being able to think flexibly.  Success comes in many shapes and forms. Not just on how much of your  planned week actually happened.
So, I now have only 30 minutes left to finish this, and a few other related tasks bundled together. I am not focused on perfection, just on doing this task to the good enough level…hence there may be some spelling mistakes, and that is OK.


The second secret is lower your expectations.

Please stop focusing on how perfect you can achieve a certain task, whether it is personal or business related. This puts you under enormous pressure. This pressure actually shuts down your creative thinking powers. This pressure shuts down your brain’s ability to think clearly.
Focus on doing your tasks to a good enough level. This may be a major mind-shift. You may think like you are cheating. But you really are not! You most likely are pressuring yourself to outperform yourself, to perform to 150%.
All you need to do is shift focus and start to perform to around 60% of your potential. Your internal pressure will disappear. When the pressure goes away, your inner creativity gets released, and you will find yourself completing tasks in record time.
I am cheering you on. You can do this. Just take the first step.

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