I have ADHD

I am a Professional Organiser Specialising in ADHD


I created a unique FB group for ADHD coaches and professionals.  This is a safe haven to share your  questions related to your ADHD clients, your business systems,  or managing your ADHD.


In this course you will know what ADHD is, and what it is not. You will gain the confidence that you need to work successfully with your ADHD clients.


In this course you will learn how to maximise your time, and how to balance your home and work life. You can expand your business, and support even more clients with confidence, knowing that your personal and family time will not suffer.

What Is a Professional Organiser?

A Professional Organiser is a professional who supports their clients to declutter and organise their space.

Not all Professional Organisers are trained. It is essential that the Professional Organiser has had rigorous training, and they have personally struggled with clutter and disorganisation.

Since they have struggled in this area, they will be more empathic and non-judgemental. You don’t need to have ADHD to benefit through working with a Professional Organiser.

Why Did You Create This Training Programme?

I started my Professional Organising career in 2012. I very quickly realised that my training had not covered the most vital part of my work. I had no clue about ADHD, and how to support my clients, the majority had ADHD.

Over the years I trained extensively and I put together a unique program to support Professional Organisers who want the tools to reach their success with their ADHD clients.

I created a series of self-help and professional training courses for established Professional Organisers who want to upgrade their training and expertise, and feel comfortable that they can handle any client scenario.



I am a Professional Organiser. Why do I need to undertake additional training?

Most Professional Organiser training programs do not cover the ADHD aspect. At best, they cover it very briefly. The majority of your clients will have largely undiagnosed ADHD.

The symptoms of ADHD in women are often very different from the symptoms of ADHD in men. The majority of your clients will be women who will have largely undiagnosed ADHD.

Behaviour is brain-based. If you want to succeed in this niche, you must have an in-depth understanding of ADHD, and the specialised skills that you need to support your ADHD client.

How do your online courses differ from other Professional Organiser training courses?

All the knowledge and tools have one focused theme running throughout.

That is ADHD.

The training courses give you the confidence to work with any ADHD client scenario. The skills you will learn will set you as the expert in the ADHD organising field.

You will learn how to maximise your time as you grow your business and help more ADHD clients.

I just want to get my home organised. How can I access your courses?

I have created many self-help courses to support the ADHD woman. The courses all focus on understanding how your ADHD brain works, and simple tools to support your ADHD brain. All the course are self-paced. Study at your own speed.. 

Is the training accredited?

All the courses are accredited with the IAOTH. 

Me and My ADHD

People who know me, need a  lot of convincing that I have ADHD. I have a reputation in my community of being super organised…

Imagine someone has just fallen off a cliff, and is hanging on with every ounce of their strength.

That’s me.

One second that I leave go, and I fall down to the abyss far below.

Soon after my oldest child was born, I realised that getting organised and learning to manage my time was the root of my success as an ADHD mum.

When my friends were searching for inspiration, I looked for ADHD experts to teach me how to create and stick to  routines, and how to managing my time.

These ideas don’t sound very spiritual. Yet they are the vessel that contains all spiritual growth. If the vessel is broken or slightly cracked, you will quickly lose everything that you have gained.

My courses will show you how to become the success that you want to be.

Student Testimonials

This course has empowered so many positive shifts in my relationships with my immediate family members who live with me. This course helped me quiz so many things. I will be watching all the videos all over again for sure. They are full of rich content. The repetition throughout the videos is very helpful for someone like me.
Jenae S.

Very insightful, especially how ADHD effects people and their tendency towards ‘chronic disorganization’

Catherine Bray

Past President of PAAC

Faigy is fantastic. One of the best and most practical courses that I have watched on Udemy.

Clyde F.

Professional Organisers Specialising in ADHD


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