The next ADHD coach training program is starting on Monday 18th October.

Finding the right ADHD coach training can be really tough. The ADHD coach industry is still relatively new in the UK and even in the USA. They don’t prepare you enough for this reality in ADHD coaching school…

In the UK, ADHD coaching is not yet recommended as standard ADHD treatment. 

Being an ADHD coach can be very rewarding and lonely as well, if you don’t have the right support network.

Being a pioneer can be pretty lonely too.

Plus, your ADHD often gets in the way. Challenges with creating systems, pricing, billing, and the worst of the lot, PERNICIOUS PERFECTIONISM, all work to potentially destroy one’s career. 

The truth! Guiding your ADHD clients is so rewarding. There is nothing like it out there.

How many times can one take a bashing and educate those psychiatrists as to why an ADHD coach is so vital for successful ADHD management…

After a few years, I realised that my problems were not unique to me. They were common among ADHD coaches.

I also realised that people in this industry often don’t say the truth. They give the impression of being successful, when they are struggling…

The ADHD world needs YOU! 

ADHD coaching is so powerful. My clients have completely turned over their lives.

Don’t give up yet. You have a gift to give to the ADHD world.

Thank God I am now supporting many ADHD coaches via mentoring existing ADHD coaches and training new ones.

The next ADHD coach training program is starting on Monday 18th October.

Since I invest so much time and attention for each trainee, there are strictly 3 slots per quarter. Two are already taken.

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