My Top 3 ADHD Secrets to Find the Elusive Inner Calm and Focus Part 1

I have been away on holiday with my family for 2 weeks. As most mums around the world, it wasn’t much of a holiday for me. I worked very hard behind the scenes to make the holiday as pleasant and enjoyable as possible for my husband and children. 

It was a welcome break from the building work that has overtaken my life since April. 

I can’t believe that I have been back for a week already. I still feel like I am finding my feet, and my head is not quite on straight…

The children are still on holiday, I am struggling to straighten the house, get things in order, declutter (yet again…) and trying to get back into my work routine. The children really enjoyed being away, and it is hard for them to adjust to being home. I have to help them manage this as well.

So, to cut it short, there is a lot to do…and it usually falls on the mum to get the mountain of work done…Such is life…

If you, like me, have ADHD, it is going to be harder to glide back smoothly into your life. Find out more about my ADHD story here. 

I am currently struggling mightily to unpack, put things away, maintain routine, do the laundry, cook, tidy…you get the idea. Every time there is a change, even a small one, like leaving the house, or coming back in, it seems like I am being pulled back in time, my ife is unravelling at the seams. Why is it so difficult?

Here are my top 3 secrets that have helped me to adapt from being away on holidays to being home.

Success Secret 1

Time never stands still. Life is in constant motion. No exceptions. No matter how hard you may try to keep things the same, Life is constantly moving you forward, whether you like it or not. The days pass, flowing endlessly together in one blur. When there is a change, I try to remember to be more kind and forgiving to myself. I do my best to avoid falling into the trap of comparing myself to other mums… I understand that it takes time to settle back into the new routine. I understand that it may easily take up to 2 weeks, and this is normal.
You need ADHD tools to take away the pressure, and lower your internal standard that you set for yourself; with no guilt…

Examples of common life transitions

You have made breakfast for your children, tidied up, and started to tackle the mountain of work emails that you need to see to. Then before you turn around, they are hungry and they want lunch…

You need to leave the house to get to work, and remember everything that you need… with your teen loudly complaining to you about her huge crisis that she has nothing to wear…

Settling in from a shopping trip, unpacking and moving on with the next activity…

Success Secret 2

Just when I think that I have “got it” meaning, I have created a routine for myself, something happens to stop the flow. No, Life is not sabotaging me. This is a normal and expected part of Life! Your Life success depends on how well you can Transition or move along from one phase to another.

Success Secret 3

All you need are some upgraded ADHD focused skills to help you manage Life Transitions. The good news is that the same skills that you need to manage small transitions as big ones. Read my top 3 ADHD friendly tips that I use in my daily life to help me transition and move along with time here.

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