My ADHD View on International Women’s Day

Time was ticking on. I was starting to panic. Only a few more hours left to post for  International Women’s Day. I had no idea what to write…Then I had a thought, “In my life, EVERY DAY is International Women’s Day!” I don’t need to designate a day for that! Every day I am working on owning my ADHD strengths and deficits, owning and accepting the many different parts of my life.

Here is what a typical day with ADHD feels like:
As an ADHD woman I live daily with the intense pressure of being expected to excel, and constantly expecting to fail. I live with the crippling shame, acutely intense guilt and anxiety. I live with the non-stop bombarding thoughts that have a mind of their own; that don’t stop tormenting me day and night.

In the moment I am clueless how to explain why my ADHD brain won’t focus to those who need to know the most, but understand the least. This is totally draining.
I want to succeed, yet I expect to fail.

I have learned to distrust myself.
This is the typical internal unseen, hidden world of the ADHD woman.
The tragedy is that it is far easier than you think to unlock your potential and find your focus and clarity. No, you don’t need to travel to the ends of the world.

Good ADHD management depends on a balance between “Pills and Skills.”

Read more ADHD truths in my book, “Own Your ADHD – Discover Your True Potential.”
The tragedy is that so many women don’t even know that their symptoms are ADHD. Too many “so called” medical experts are clueless that these symptoms that their female patients describe is ADHD.
Antidepressents and anti anxiety meds will only usually take the edge off the ADHD symptoms.
ADHD meds usually lightens these symptoms dramatically.
My book “Own Your ADHD – Discover Your True Potential” lays out the truth about ADHD in women.
Put yourself out of your misery.
Available in audio format, paperback and kindle version.

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