I am The Real ADHD Deal

It is becoming quite fashionable and the in-thing for celebrities to say that they have ADHD. I get really upset about this. Frankly, it is often a publicity getter and a money-making gimic.

Here are a few questions that I want hard answers for.

  • Who diagnosed them?
  • Are they on meds and how is it going?
  • What ADHD difficulties do they live with every day?
  • Have they worked with an ADHD coach and what did they learn?

I know that the truth will reveal itself easily and at the right time.

Let me share a little bit about my ADHD with you.

I hold a unique and very exhausting position in the ADHD world.

I have ADHD.

I struggle daily with managing my ADHD. I struggle daily with the shame, blame, and anxiety that often comes along with ADHD. And yes, I am on ADHD meds. I would never ever go a day without taking my meds.

I am a mum of 5 children.

All diagnosed with ADHD.

All have been on ADHD meds. Currently 3 are on ADHD meds.

My husband finally agreed to get diagnosed. Yes, he has ADHD, and he is on ADHD meds. He can’t stop thanking me for nudging him sometimes gently, sometimes not so, to get himself assessed for ADHD.

I support him daily to be the best person that he can be.

To support myself, my family and the ADHD community, I have spent many years training to the highest standard in ADHD coaching. I am a PAAC certified ADHD Coach. All my clients reach much further than the goals that they set for themselves.

Read more about my story of ADHD self-discovery in my bestselling book, “Own Your ADHD” 

My latest role: Supporting my ADHD son to navigate the employment world.

My son, aged 18, started employment in late December 2021. He is currently enrolled on an Apprenticeship Program with a top-notch training college, The Apprentice and Training Partnership, based in Wilmslow, South Manchester.  I am the proud mum of an ADHD employee.  He brings his unique way of being and thinking to his work.

With my son’s permission, I have been involved in the background, liaising with the college, supporting my son to work through the necessary paperwork, working with his employer to support them to submit the relevant paperwork, plus more. Honestly, for the duration of the onboarding phase, I felt like I had taken on a part-time job.

He officially started the program in May. The support that the team at the Apprentice and Training Partnership has provided for my son and myself has been fantastic. It is sadly quite rare to see this level of support for a young person with a disability.

Now, I have taken on another role, supporting my ADHD son since his employer  has fired him, from one minute to the next. The reasons were based on my son’s difficulties due to his ADHD. I was frequently in touch with the employer, checking up how my son was doing, and offering support in the background, where needed. I always got positive reports. Then from one day to the next, they fired him. 

The more that I go through life, and the more I observe the ADHD world, and the neurotypical world, the more I am realising that my simple common sense is not that common. It’s actually priceless wisdom.

The more I go through life, the more I see that the next step has been prepared for me. I just have to look around my environment. 

On Thursday 16th June 2022, at 2pm my son  went to work as usual, which thankfully is 2 minutes away from our home. He came home ten minutes later with the news.

At 3pm, he had his weekly hourly mentoring session scheduled with Ruth, his mentor from the college. I encouraged him to share the news with her. Ruth and the team at the college have been amazing. Ruth shared insights with my son from her vast store of wisdom.  

She told him not to beat himself up. This was not his fault.

With her support, he now has the next steps planned. As his mum I will be supporting him with one set of skills. As his informal ADHD coach, I will be supporting him with another set of skills. The two often intertwine and overlap.

He spent the entire weekend holed up in his room, depressed and beating himself up. 

How does an ADHD mum get through this?

Watch this space for further updates. 


Is your ADHD child struggling in their education system? Are their teachers who are supposed to know better, doing more damage than good?

Stop struggling. Stop complaining. Start to empower yourself. Start to believe in your ability to help your child.

As your child’s ADHD mum. You don’t need to stand by watching helplessly as your child gets destroyed, little by little, more and more each day by the education system that claims to support your child.

As your child’s mum, please understand that you and only you have the power to support your ADHD child. You and only you can stop the ignorance, and empower your ADHD child to be the best person that they can be. 

Knowledge is power. You will find that knowledge in my bestselling book “Own Your ADHD” Take the book to your ADHD child’s next Parent Teacher meeting. Show it to your ADHD child’s Senco, share it with your child’s teacher. 

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I am The Real ADHD Deal

I hold a unique position in the ADHD world.

I have trained to the highest standard in ADHD coaching. I am a PAAC certified ADHD Coach.

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