How You Can Harness Your ADHD to get More Done


Are you a creative woman? Do you struggle to find organising systems that work for you? Read on and find out how to use your innate creative powers to create systems that will be easy to maintain.

I am going to share with you two little known secrets that every Creative ADHD woman needs to know. When you really really understand how to apply these two secrets to your life, they will have the power to dramatically transform your life.



You may have been struggling with your mess and clutter since you were very young.

You may be struggling with self-doubt and wondering why can “everyone” around you create organised systems and maintain them, seemingly effortlessly?

Why can’t you work it out no matter how hard you try?

Your mess is a sign of your creative strengths. You see solutions where others see problems. When others see a straight line, you see a roundabout route that leads to a totally different outcome.

As a Professional Organiser, when I enter a client’s home for the first time, I have a good look around. I usually see items strewn about, with no rhyme or reason. 

Behaviour is brain based. From observing my client’s environment,  I get a good idea about my client’s internal world. When I see mess, I see creativity. 

With each client I see one common factor.

Most clients have no systems to store their belongings. As a result  their belongings are piled up and left lying around. 

Many clients share their dreams with me,  but they are so overwhelmed by their mess, and managing their chaotic lives, that they haven’t “found” the time to nurture their dreams.

As an ADHD wome, you need to learn how to live your life with clear and concrete systems for every area of life.  Your systems can be compared to a  container. If the container is broken, the contents will fall out. If the ADHD woman creates systems at home and in other life areas, those systems will hold your life in place. As a result you will increase your focus and the channel of creativity will open up. 



When the ADHD brain thinks creatively to create something new, or solve a problem, it often does not think in a linear fashion. This is the strength of the ADHD brain.

You may think in random dots, and then you join the dots together. Not only does the ADHD brain think “out of the box,” there is “no box” at all.

If this is how the ADHD brain works then this will be apparent in every situation. This explains why so many ADHD women struggle to create order and systems in their home and lives. They naturally  overcomplicate their systems, and set themselves up for failure.

This can also be a trap. Your default place is to overcomplicate things when you really don’t need to. Instead of seeing a straight line, you see something else…

Simplify every area of your life. No guilt here. When you simplify one area, you make more time for other more enriching tasks in your life.

This is the secret to your success.

Your creative thinking processes can be seen in your physical environment. If you naturally think by joining dots together, that is how you will approach the day to day task of creating systems for your belongings or anything else.

This is a sign of your creativity. My clients see mess and chaos, and feel shame. I see creativity, potential, and inner genius.

With this understanding you can turn your failure at creating systems on its head!

Your difficulty in creating systems is a sign of your creative strength.

You are not a failure, you just need a different route to your success.


I worked with Ellen for a year, organising her house. She was frustrated that she was not spending enough quality time with James, her 14 year old son who has ASD. She targeted a specific time during the evening that she wanted to focus on him.

She also was not happy with her evening routine. She sensed that a lot of time was getting wasted; time that could be spent with her James.

Ellen identified what was working and what was not working. One of the evening tasks that was giving her stress was the ironing. I asked Ellen to recount in detail how she got the ironing done.

Ellen did not have a dryer. This was her current ironing routine:

  1. Do a wash.
  2. Hang washing up on the dryer rack.
  3. When dry, fold the clothes neatly to make it easier to iron,
  4. Put them into the ironing basket.
  5. Iron the clothes
  6. Fold neatly
  7. Put clothes into the cupboard or hang them up

Here is her current simplified method.

  1. Do a wash.
  2. Hang the clothes that need ironing straight onto a hanger, and hang over the bath.
  3. Quickly touch up the creases if necessary. Keep the hanger on when ironing.
  4. Hang straight into cupboard.

With the old method Ellen’s stress level was around 7/10. With the new method, her stress level fell to 4/10.

The simplified method had a dramatic effect on her life. Ellen had more time to spend with James.

She realised that the ironing had blocked her from focusing on other more important areas of her home. She decided to tackle the paperwork which really needed sorting out.

Through simplifying one system you create more  time to focus on other more important areas of your life.

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