Goal Setting for the Creative ADHD Business Woman

January is moving on, and soon February will be upon us. Have you clarified what goals you want to focus on for 2022?

Are you stuck? Does your mind go blank? Are you thinking guiltily about the previous year’s unmet goals, and the goals the year before that…?

If you have ADHD, you need to know that the regular goal setting methods that seem to work for “everyone else” will not work for you!

You need unique tools to help you unlock your ADHD potential.

I am going to present you with some golden nuggets that will help you to banish the poisonous inner shame and guilt and finally get moving.

The Worst ADHD Goal Setting Pitfall

Do you believe that if you want to move ahead in your business, you need to set long-term goals for the future and to know where your business will be in one year from now?

Sounds familiar?

No, you don’t! The ADHD brain lives in the “now” and the “not now.” This is a strength as well as a deficit! Your ADHD brain may find it very hard to “see” future time. So you are more likely to live in the “now” in the moment. This is a strength! You have the potential to enjoy the present moment, and to be more mindful.  I have had many business coaches, and most of them advised me to create long-term goals for the coming year.  

Well it NEVER worked! My creative juices just ran dry.

I never understood why I felt like my brain was breaking into 1000 pieces when I tried to plan my goals for the coming year.

Now I have scrapped all of that! I now set myself goals for the present moment. I identify 3 key areas where I want my business to grow. over the coming year. I set goals to work on those areas EVERY WEEK.

And then I plod on…

Creating a goal around routines has been far more effective to stay focused and grow my business.

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My Three Business Goals for 2022

My three goals all have a common thread. They promote consistency. This is something that us ADHDers often find difficult to do.

It doesn’t really matter what your goals are, or how you run your business. What does matter is that you are consistent about how you do this.

Consistency is far more important than long-term goal setting. Plodding on and on, little by little you will reach your goals and much further than you imagined.

  1. Sundays, I spend 1 hour writing my next email campaign. I schedule it for later in the evening. It doesn’t matter what day or time you send your email campaign. What matters is that you send it. And that you send it on the same day at the same time. No one keeps track of when they received your last email campaign.
  2. I go for a daily walk between 45-60 minutes EVERY DAY no matter what. And its ALWAYS first thing in the morning. This invigorates me and sets me up for the day.
  3. Sunday morning, I spend 1-2 hours welcoming new FB group members and new online students.

The above habits work for me and my business at this moment in time.

Life is constantly changing and moving forwards. The key to business success is flexibilising and adapting your actions to work with your current life situation. Not always such an easy task for us ADHD women… with the right skills it can be done.

There is so much more to work on. I know I will get there, only if I keep on working on being consistent.

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