How to Prioritise the ADHD Way

I live the successful ADHD life…living from one self-made crisis to another, and spending my time picking up the pieces after me…My ADHD brain nearly tripped me up (again.)I have cleared the day from clients and commitments because I am taking my two boys to a conservation session in

The session meets monthly and lasts for 2 hours. We do jobs like weeding the flower beds, and litter picking. Last month we cleared the weeds around the young trees that I helped to plant back in January and put something like chippings or similar, around them to hold back the weeds. My eight year old LOVED it. He loved pushing the wheelbarrow along and filling it up with the chipping stuff. When he is engaged and interested he actually works more efficiently than many adults.

Due to Social Distancing and all that only 5 people allowed in a group, so at the end of last session in June I booked on immediately to this session. In my mind, four weeks from that time seemed like an eternity, and didnt really exist…My boys have looked forward to this event for the last month.My boys were not yet back in school. Now they are. They have school 10.30am till 3pm on alternate days and the classes are split into “bubbles”So here I am thinking I have a whole day to myself, and the time seems to stretch on for eternity, oh the endless possibilities…. The I check my google calendar at the start of the week (thankfully…and I realised that today we have booked for the conservation session ) and see that we have booked this session.

So there goes my whole day to myself… After dropping them off at school shortly, I will only have 1.5 hours max to get something done, before I fetch them (I got permission from the head teacher of course…) then that’s it for the rest of the day…

What ADHD Tools do I use to Prioritise my Tasks and Stay Calm?

  1. I understand that most tasks usually take longer than you think. So I plan fewer tasks for my day. In this way I set myself up for success, not failure.

2. I don’t aim to get tasks done perfectly. I know how to think flexibly and get the tasks done in a “good enough” manner.

3. I FINISH a task before I START the next one. This helps me stay focused, calm, and I work more efficienty.

4. I am self-aware what tension and stress feels like in my body. I know those signs. When I start to get stressed, I make it a top priority to stop, and take some deep breathes. I may need a couple of minutes break. If I do this regularly throughout the day, I will get more done, be more pleasant to be around andI will have more energy left at the end of the day.

Lots more simple and easy to implement tools in our books on ADHD. Check out this link here.

Focus with Faigy runs various FB support groups. Join the ones that suit your needs best, and get the knowledge and tools that you deserve.

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