Women in my community think I am so organised… I know that some feel slightly intimidated by me. You see I am a professional organiser. I run a sister company, called Organise Pro. It is the only professional organiser training program of its kind in the UK that focuses on ADHD and executive function deficit. Hop over here and have a look.

I spread the truth wherever I go.

I look so organised, because my brain is so disorganised!! I hold onto the ADHD focused organising systems for dear life… The reason that the organising systems work at Organise Pro is because I am not a professional organiser, I am a professional disorganiser!! My brain is perpetually disorganised and “flying” just like the brains of my organising clients. I get the ADHD challenges of my clients because I have had to work mightily hard to get and stay organised myself. This is still a daily struggle.

Find out more about my ADHD story here.


Here is another one of my daily disorganised mishaps:

This evening is the first night of Chanuka. It is a Jewish festival that lasts for eight days. We light the menorah on each of the eight nights of Chanuka.

Last night around 10.30pm I was on my way upstairs to bed. My husband started to prepare the Chanuka menorah. He noted that the menorah was quite tarnished. I had forgotten to clean it (again) this year.

I joked that the professional organiser can’t get her act together again…

In my mind, Chanuka only became a “real” to me the evening before the first night of the festival. Up till this time, Chanuka seemed like a vague event in the far off  distant future. This is called ADHD time blindness. As I get older it has gotten worse…

This is the source of mine and my ADHD clientss’self-made crises. The event that we need to prepare for is too far off in the future for the ADHD brain to think of as being real and urgent. Consequently we don’t plan for the event… leading to a self-made crisis…

I have worked many years on learning ADHD focused time mastery tools. I have worked long and hard to banish that inner critic. I do not need to be perfect. I allow myself to make mistakes…

I have learned to forgive myself for my mistakes.

In life one of the most important skills that you can ever master is to flexibilise your thinking, and find a solution that is “good enough.”

I looked for the silver polish to give the menorah a quick lick. I couldn’t find any…Oy vey!!

I remembered reading that toothpaste is a great silver polish cleaner. I grabbed a tube and got cracking. It worked!! It didn’t work as well as the real silver polish, but it was “good enough!” I am sure I will forget about this incident until the night before Chanuka next year…

Find out more about this in my two books here.

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