How to find an ADHD Coach for you or your ADHD child

Are you a mum looking for help for your ADHD child? You need a qualified ADHD coach to guide you and your ADHD child.
There is so much information out there. How do you sift through the information and find what you are looking for?
It is so confusing and overwhelming.

My clients are my biggest teachers. A client recently asked me for some advice how to find a competent therapist in a certain area, for her ADHD child.  Her request forced me to think long and hard about the methods that I use to do online research. 
You need to don your Deerstalker, (the famous Sherlock Holmes hat,) grab your magnifying glass and get down to detective business.
I will share with you what I look for when looking for a professional who can help me/my children.

Each of the following points is not “negative or positive” Take it all with a pinch of salt and a lot of common sense. Most importantly use your intuition to guide you.


How to do an online search for an ADHD coach for you or your child

I will start with a word of advice: It is so easy to get lost on the Internet. Give yourself a time-frame how long you will do your search for.  Set a few alarms and stick to them…

  1. Is the website up to date? If it is outdated then I suspect the ADHD Coach has packed up business/semi-retired.
  2. What qualifications does the ADHD Coach have? This one is important, however not that important…their success rate with clients is equally important.

When researching an ADHD coach, make sure they are certified. Their certification should be clearly prominent on their website. I am the first PAAC certified ADHD coach on the PCAC level in the UK. I worked towards my credentialling process all along Lockdown last year, from April through to November. It was not easy. It was worth it.

  1. Is there a nice friendly pic of the ADHD Coach on the website? Are there too many photos of the ADHD Coach on the website?  If there aren’t any photos, or they are out of date, then I personally I get a bit put off. I start to suspect that the ADHD Coach is hiding ie low self-confidence, or they don’t really care about their patients that much because a clear headshot puts prospective clients at ease. 
  2. I always go on Linkedin and suss out the ADHD Coach. If they are not active on Linkedin, I start to wonder…  
  3. I do a google search, ie, I type up the name of the ADHD Coach and  click on the and I see how many pages they take up and if its organic or they are putting out google ads? You really see a lot about a professional this way. My name comes up on 6 google pages… It is all organic. I look for their social media presence, such as a FB or Twitter page. How active are they? Do they have a group etc,  or a good up to date website blog with relevant info,  or have they written books or created courses etc. This in my opinion,  shows if they are committed to help others and educate the public,  or do they just  want to be a ADHD Coach and get clients and “good bye Charlie” to the rest of the world.
  4. Once I have done all the digging, I use my intuition and just let the information sit for a few days. I see what feelings/thoughts come up.
  5. Are there plenty of testimonials on the website? 
  6. Does the ADHD Coach have a google my business page? (very important.) If a business has this feature, you will see their business coming up on the right side of your computer screen. Anyone can leave a review, bad or good. If there is no option to leave a review, I start to wonder…
  7. Find out what is the difference between ADHD coaching and therapy here.

You CAN live your ADHD successful life.

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