How Imposter Syndrome is Connected with ADHD

This is what it is like to be a woman with ADHD:

The intense pressure of being expected to excel and constantly expecting to fail, the crippling inner shame, and intense guilt and anxiety, feeling frazzled, and being clueless how to explain why my ADHD brain won’t focus to those who need to know is totally draining. ADHD in women is largely unknown in the UK, misdiagnosed and largely goes untreated.

My Online Courses and Imposter Syndrome

I have created many online courses that are sitting on my google drive folder, gathering dust, Do you know why?  Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism, are two common traits in  those with ADHD, and I am no exception Those courses are gathering dust because I feel too ashamed to publish them. My Perfectionism doesn’t let me share them with the world. Until recently I didn’t think they were good enough to spread with the wider audience. 

It is tragic that I have shared these courses with my clients. They gave genuine positive feedback. Why haven’t I made them available for more ADHD women to benefit from? I am terrified that these  courses arewere either, not professional enough, outdated, or just not good enough…I have worked so hard on addressing my Imposter Syndrome (Perfectionism) in my life, and there is still so much to work on…

On a personal note, I am awaiting the birth of my first grandchild in 4 weeks or so. This is an auspicious time in our family. I want to create more positive energy in preparation for this life-changing moment. I want to empower more ADHD women to access their inner potential.

My ADHD Success Comes Through Facing More Fears

I have bravely faced those google drive folders, and my ADHD shame of “not being good enough”  I have decided to either bin them or edit/expand and publish them…

My fears of “not being good enough” were totally unfounded. Fear stands for “False Expectations Appearing Real.”

My video editor spruced up the videos and totally transformed them!

My progress so far:

  1. I have finished editing two ADHD coach training courses that I filmed in August. They will soon be published on Reed.
  2. I found two Professional Organiser courses that I filmed over 2 years ago. I have greatly expanded them, and they will soon be ready for purchase via .Reed.
  3. I have published a brand new course on Udemy for ADHD women. “The ADHD Friendly Way to Organise Your Home.”
  4. I have submitted a Time Management course for ADHD women for Reed. 
  5. I turned a video course into an audio podcast with 12 scheduled weekly episodes It is featured on most popular podcast sites. A new podcast in the series will be published Sundays 11am GMT for 12 weeks.
  6. I have scheduled a 12 series Professional Organiser Training Podcast…watch this space…

If even one person learns something about their ADHD, this will be worth it. Success is Action. Results are from G-d.

Is that enough for you?

There is more to come…Watch this space

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