How I prepare for the Sabbath with my ADHD

As an ADHD woman, you may be struggling with your inner and outer chaos. You may be struggling with self-doubt, and wondering why “everyone” around you is able to get on with the things that you just can’t do, no matter how hard you try.


I am going to share a little-known secret with you that every Creative ADHD woman needs to know.


Here is the secret – The ADHD brain naturally overcomplicates things. 


This is a gift. It is one of your creative strengths. You see solutions where others see problems. When others see a straight line, you see a roundabout route that leads to a totally different outcome.


When I enter a client’s home for the first time, I have a good look around. I usually see items strewn about, with no rhyme or reason. With each client, I see one common factor.


Most clients have no systems to store their belongings. If they do have systems, they don’t work, hence their belongings are piled up and are out, all over the place. 


My clients share with me their creative hobbies. Some are actively pursuing creative hobbies.


Many women dream of doing so but are so overwhelmed by their mess and managing their chaotic lives that they haven’t “found” the time to nurture their creative side.


When I see mess, I see creativity


When you have a problem that you need to find a solution for, your ADHD brain does not think in a linear fashion.


Your ADHD brain often thinks in random dots. Then your ADHD brain joins the dots together to create a solution to the problem.

This is just one of the strengths of your ADHD brain.  Creativity thrives when there are no boundaries. 


Creativity thrives when the dots can be joined together in random fashion.  As a Professional Organiser, I often visit clients’ home. 


I see this unique way-of-thinking in the mess and chaos in clients’ homes to lack of boundaries is clearly seen in my clients’ disorganised homes, and in their struggles in creating and maintaining systems.


This explains why so many ADHD women struggle to create order in their homes and systems in their lives.


This explains why so many ADHD women find it so difficult to create and maintain boundaries in their relationships.

Your difficulty creating systems in your life is a sign of your creative strength.


Your creative genius enables you to you think flexibly to find those solutions. Where other people see problems, you see solutions.


Your creative thinking can be seen in your physical environment


If you naturally think by joining dots together, that is how you will approach the daily task of creating systems for every aspect of your life.


Let me share a personal story that happened to me last week.  I am Jewish and I observe the Sabbath. In every woman’s home in my community, Jewish women are all doing variations of the same theme on Fridays.


We are cooking, cleaning, baking, and preparing for the Sabbath.


Everyone, except me! You see, with my creative ADHD brain finds the same tasks boring. I love the end result, the house full of delicious freshly cooked food.


The table laid for the Friday night meal, the house tidy, the candles lit.  However, I don’t always enjoy the process…


What does a woman with ADHD do? 


I push off the inevitable for a while…until the latest possible moment…


This past Friday morning I had a meeting with my son’s mentor. The meeting took place in his home. His dining room table was beautifully laid, and prepared for the Friday night meal.


The silver candlesticks were ready on the table, and they were gleaming.  I can’t remember when my candlesticks looked so polished. His home smelled delicious.


I could have been forgiven for feeling totally inadequate, and a total failure. There I was at 10.30am, and I hadn’t even started with the chicken soup. 


I just chuckled to myself.  I used this observation to increase my self-awareness.


This is how my ADHD brain functions. And that is just fine.


I prepare for the Sabbath the creative ADHD way


I start cooking at 1pm. I shop first thing Friday morning. At 1pm I start my marathon cooking spree until 3.30pm.

I have created a cooking sequence that works for my ADHD brain. My boys know that they need to help me.


At 4pm they get their reward. I take them to a local nature reserve, and we walk for an hour. We get back and we all have showers, and I do the last-minute jobs in a marathon rush, and we are all ready to light the Sabbath candles on time.


Every few years, my systems shift to accommodate the shift in the family dynamics.


My Banish Your Overwhelm books explain more in-depth ideas and tools to support you in your life.

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