How a client set her ADHD son on the path for success. And it was easy.

Here is a true story from an ADHD coaching client.

“For many years I knew that a formal college setting would not work for my 18 year old son who has ADHD. 

It took him time to realise that he needs hands on learning. Thankfully in the UK the government has put into place an apprenticeship scheme. 

Over the last week I have been helping my 18 year old son fill in his CV for his apprenticeship. He asked me to write it out and then he would go over it with me. I understand how his brain works, so I agreed to do this for him. No arguments. No blaming. No thinking “shy is he so lazy…?” I just got on with the job.  When I had finished, I warned him that  I had added in a few paragraphs and I jokingly told him  that he was allowed to be as angry as he liked…

He was actually quite calm…

He politely asked me to delete the following paragraphs.

I did so of course.

Its a shame though…I quite liked this description. Its the truth. And I think his potential employer would like it as well.

I respect his wishes and I have deleted these paragraphs from his CV.

Below I have copied out what he asked me to delete.


I got diagnosed in 2010 when I was 7 years old. I used to think that having ADHD meant that there was something “wrong with me” I used to view my ADHD as my biggest deficit. Now I am realizing more and more that my ADHD is actually my biggest strength – if I learn how to channel it in the right way.

I manage my ADHD with Pills and Skills. I am on ADHD meds. I take responsibility for taking the meds and making sure I have enough. I have an ADHD coach who supports me with skills to channel my ADHD to live a successful life. 

My ADHD Strengths

I am highly Motivated. I am driven by an internal motor that doesn’t let me stop until I have completed the task/discovered the source of the problem/fixed the problem.

I have Hyper-focus powers. I can focus on a problem for far longer and with more depth than neurotypical people. 

  • I am able to work on my own initiative
  • I am organised and on time
  • I am very self-aware and insightful into how my mind works and other people

The power of a mother’s vision

This young man is well on the way to find his success in life. This is because his mum understands what ADHD is. She knows what to ignore and what to focus on. She cheers on her son. When he has a down, she guides him how to use this mistake to grow and gain more insight. His mum keeps in mind at all times the vision of where he can be.

I have a question for ADHD mums out there. Are you doing enough to support your ADHD child to become the best that they can be?

If you understand that life with your ADHD child does not need to be a daily battle, if you understand thaand there must be another easy way to reach success, email me and let’s get the ball rolling. Every day lost will never come back again. You create the success for your ADHD child.

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