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There is so much misinformation and lies being spread about ADHD. I am passionate about empowering ADHD women with the right knowledge and tools to access their potential. Life does not have to be a daily battle. Your life can flow with ease, if you have the right tools.

I have created a wide selection of ADHD self-help and professional training courses on Reed  to teach the truth about ADHD, and to empower those with ADHD to live up to their potential.  

There are two courses currently on limited free offer, “Ten Most Common Lies About ADHD”, full price is £99. It is currently free. 

“ADHD in 17 Minutes” is on free offer for a limited time period. In ADHD impulsive style, I don’t know how long the offer will be valid. When I have had enough, I will simply move the course back to the full price of  £60.

Read what students have to say about “ADHD in 17 minutes.”

“Wow great course learnt quite a lot from this in such a short time. Thanks very much Bethan Davies

What an interesting and informative 17 minutes! Thank you so much for explaining this in such a logical and straightforward way. I want to know more now……. Louise Williams

Very interesting short course. Found out new things that I never knew. Sound quality wasn’t the best, but overall interesting and informative. Would have loved it if your course was a little longer, Faigy :)” Jocyyn Skeritt

“Autism and ADHD skip around for space in my head, I agree on starting & finishing before moving on, since I was diagnosed at 56, a year ago, I have had to create my own skill set since childhood so the world works, saying yes to everything was one of them so my life is strewn with lots of starts and few finishes. One manager & friend in the mid 80’s said that I was paid for a weeks work, but he only expected one day because on that day I could do more than a weeks work. 30 years on, still true.” Michael Harris.

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