Do those project deadlines get you super stressed?

Have you fallen in the trap of waiting for someone to come along and motivate you to start on that horribly painfully overwhelming project? As each day goes by are you getting more overwhelmed and stressed with the tasks that you have to do? Is your anxiety getting worse when you think of your many projects that you need to do?

The following tool will help you get a grip on your projects so that you can finally face the world with true inner confidence. Learn the secret to starting projects on time and banish the anxiety and overwhelm that accompanies you every day.

People think that there is some magic solution that they can’t seem to find yet, that will help them become motivated. People will spend thousands of pounds and run to the ends of the earth to find this elusive solution.

In order to reach your full potential you will need to learn how to put pressure on yourself, independently without being accountable to anyone. Here are two ideas that can help you do that.

Get creative, live with self-imposed deadlines.

Banish your feelings of overwhelm. Create false deadlines that speak to you. Create false pressure. Then reward yourself when your work is done. This is the only way to get you moving towards your goals, on time and by yourself.

Amy, a successful coach was my client. She had a dream to write a book. She had been nurturing this dream for the last 15 years. She regularly attended conferences throughout the country to further her knowledge. She set a goal that in 6 months by the next coaches conference, she would have her book printed! She visualised the excitement, and satisfaction at having achieved her goal.

She used simple everyday actions to remind her of her goal. When reading a book, she would pause, look at the book, and imagine that she was holding her own book that she had authored. She told family and friends about her goal as well. This was scary at first, (she was scared she would not meet her goal) but she realised that her goal of having her book written and published in 6 months was realistic. She just needed to access her courage. Well, 6 months later she attended that conference with a stack of her books to sell to fellow coaches.

You too can find inner congruence. It is simple. Get in touch with me and I will show you how you can exit your tunnel of torment and find your light.

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