The ADHD challenge is not the inability to focus, it is the about focusing on too many areas, and not being able to filter out all those different things that you are focusing on. This leads to overwhelm, burnout and depression.
You don’t need to focus on every single area of your life  at once in order to succeed. You are human with human limitations. There are however two main areas in life  that  if your get those areas routined, you will be well on the road to your success, whatever that means to you. They are the morning routine and the bedtime routine.


Create a simple routine that you can easily stick to. Get dressed as soon as you wake up. Streamline clothes – Decide what you will wear the night before…and keep to your decision…Place a simple basket near your bed with the clothes for the next day.
You need a nourishing breakfast for optimum focus and productivity.  If there isn’t time for a proper cooked meal, there are healthy quick alternatives such as flapjacks, breakfast bars etc. Keep a stock of them handy in your snack cupboard for easy access.


Create a simple bedtime routine. Something like “PJs, teeth, bed.” Stick to it.
Decide on a time when you will put your phone away. Keep your phone out of your bedroom…
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If you have ADHD, you will likely have a challenge with time management. One of the worst time challenges is the inability to see time as a concrete concept.

To make the most out of your time, you need to view your day like a box. The morning and evening routine are like the top and bottom of your box. If you have a poor morning and evening routine, it is like your box has holes at the bottom and the top. A good (not perfect) morning and evening routine, keeps your day seal tight and focused. You will feel grounded. You will start to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.
You can be as creative as you like and fill whatever you want inside your box, as long as the top and bottom of the box are secure, and dont have any cracks or holes…

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Grand plans that you don’t put into action, get you nowhere. They key to your success in 2020 and beyond is CONSISTENCY. It is the slow and steady steps progressing you towards your goal that will win your race. Grand plans are often rooted in perfectionism, which is a killer. When you fall, which is in inevitable part of growth, don’t wallow in self-pity. Get up and move on.


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