Find out the secret to your motivation

Do you identify with ” I know what I need to do, I just can’t seem  to get myself going?”

Do you find boring and/or tedious tasks really hard to do? Its almost like there is a block inside your head, stopping you from moving on and getting those pesky, annoying, horrible jobs done?

You are not alone.

You CAN improve your life.

In this short video you  will meet a fellow client and find out how she made the necessary improvements to  create her great life.

No excuses any more!!

How will you get motivated and up and moving, and finally start those projects that you have been pushing off since forever!!

Many people have that challenge,  they just don’t talk about it. And it is NOT laziness. It is simply the inability to muster the energy to get up and get started with tasks.

You live with that inner dialogue, the inner voice, the never ending stream of thoughts that flow in your consciousness. Scientists and researchers  have found that in many people the inner mind voice may resonate on a  quieter level  or even  be totally silenced.

Is procrastination too familiar with you?

The top tip for motivation is…talk out loud to yourself!! It makes sense, if you have a quieter mind voice that results in difficulty motivating yourself to do boring or tedious tasks, simply compensate by talking out loud. If your internal mind voice is not fully developed, bring in your mind voice from an external source.

I must say, clients usually sound quite skeptical when I mention this tool. However they only have to try it once, after that they can leave it.

They  love it because it works! Try it and let me know…

Find out about coaching now and start to live your successful life.

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