Celebrate with me as I set the Gold Standard in ADHD Coaching

It is so easy to get bogged down by the countless overwhelming details of your life and your business. If you have ADHD, this is even more of a challenge. It is so easy to go down the default “rabbit hole”

I celebrated a success this week. I received my PAAC certificate! I am now the only PAAC certified ADHD coach in the UK at the PCAC level. Over the last 9 months there were many times that I went down the “rabbit hole”… It was all worth it though…

As with everything that I do, I strive to set the gold standard. I am a leader, visionary and disrupter.

There is currently no regulating body for ADHD coaching in the UK. Shockingly there are too many ADHD coaches here and worldwide who have no formal qualifications, not even a coaching qualification. A few special individuals have risen to the challenge and formed PAAC the Professional Association for ADHD Coaches. 
 Hopefully soon it will be mandatory for any ADHD coach to get this qualification. I am listed here. 

I didn’t want to publicize my achievement. I didn’t want to put this photo in, especially at the top of this newsletter. Being in the limelight is not my “thing.” However I need to acknowledge my achievements, and embrace my mission, as this will hopefully inspire others.
I will be actively encouraging my ADHD coach mentoring clients to start their PAAC path.

If you want to find out more about my mentoring sessions for ADHD/Life coaches, simply send me an email here.

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