ADHD Focused Business Support Group

So many ADHD Facebook support groups focus on the negative aspect of ADHD. Frankly  many of them are very depressing places, and drain your energy.

This Facebook group that I founded is different.  This is a positive growth mindset group for women who have ADHD. 

In this group we celebrate each other’s successes, and brainstorm together to find solutions,

The women in this group understand that EVERY PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION!!!

Your business is an extension of yourself. You bring your creative strengths and challenges into your business. If you can crack your personal code, and break through your barriers to your success, the sky is not even the limit!

If you are committed to moving your life forward, then this group is for you

Managing your business or building your career can be lonely. This can be even harder if you are a creative woman with ADHD. If you can lessen your anxiety and overwhelm, that will have a massive effect on your mental health, emotional wellbeing and productivity.

- Faigy Liebermann

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This is a professional business MASTERMIND group for any creative woman who runs her own business or works in a business. You don’t need a diagnosis to attend. Meet and connect with other like-minded creative business women.


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