Are you stuck with your ADHD? Are you overwhelmed? You will gain understanding and insights into your ADHD that will empower you and show you how you can move forward in your life.

Is your ADHD getting in the way of your success?

Are you living from one self-made crisis to another?

Are you ready to learn some profoundly simple tools that will help you move forward in your life?

This book will show you new insights about your ADHD, not found anywhere else.

You will finally understand how to break free from your self-made  crises, and live the life you have always dreamed of, but didn't think was possible.

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About the Book

This book is available in hard copy and kindle format. I wrote this book to bring education and awareness about ADHD.

Are you newly diagnosed with ADHD? Have you been struggling with your ADHD your entire life? Are you fed up with your anxiety, your overwhelm, and your self-made crises? In this book, Faigy Liebermann, certified ADHD success coach draws on her personal experience with ADHD, her training, and her many years of working successfully with her clients, to bring you up-to-date knowledge and hands-on tools so that you can easily move find your success with your ADHD. ADHD management is “Pills and Skills.” An ADHD coach focuses on the “skills” aspect of ADHD management. In this book you will learn some of the many ADHD coaching skills that work for ADHD management. You will feel comforted as you read the many true client success stories that you are not alone, and like the many clients in this book, you too can succeed. This book shows you how you can easily replace your anxiety and overwhelm with focus and inner peace. It’s so easy when you know how to do it.

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Genres: ADHD, mental health, self-help
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Faigy Liebermann
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 267 pages
Illustrator: Ben Wild
ASIN: 1999333802
ISBN: 9781999333805

List Price: £12.99
eBook Price: £2.99
This book is the bridge between understanding ADHD and believing it can be managed, and that there is life, a changed and more manageable life beyond. . It is the bridge between understanding ADHD and believing it can be managed, and that there is life, a changed and more manageable life beyond.
As a neurodiversity coach I work with many clients with ADHD. They often ask what can I read. From now on this is my first go to book. I have already ordered a further copy of your book to post to one of my clients as I believe it is an incredible self help book and I will shortly be putting a link out to let others know of this wonderful book. As a coach I can honestly say this book is one of the easiest to read with the most practical strategies. Yes there are the psychological books - yet this is one for all. thank you for taking the time to write this book.
Your book is superb! Your style of writing is friendly, vibrant, clear,concise and zones in from a range of angles making one feel one is really coming to grips with the subject matter and that the writer knows their subject well. Really impressive!
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