My book writing regrets are many!  The second time around I will start earlier!  Now that I am at the end of the journey, looking back I can see that I writing this book was really doable.

We only start to live when we come out of our comfort zone.  How many dreams do we have that we keep on pushing off because of fear?  Writing this book has brought me way out of my comfort zone. And you know, I have survived! Not only have I survived, but  I have thrived and developed myself in ways I could not  have imagined.

Another regret is I had to write a book to leran  how easy it is to change ‘habits & mindsets’ This book  is unique as it addresses the science behind our habits and mindsets and how we can change them.

I have many book writing regrets. I learnt that it is really easy to change one’s mindset, and at the same time can be very difficult.  The realisation that change can happen may come in a flash of inspiration. The actual changes may take years to take root. Change happens from countless seemingly small insignificant actions repeated many times.

Find out more in my new book, soon to be published on amazon, “ORGANISE YOUR HOME LIKE A PRO-Declutter your life.”

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