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Dramatically Improve your ADHD child’s behaviour in 7 Days

Your ADHD child’s behaviour  is greatly influenced by their brain development. Your ADHD child  is not being naughty or rebellious. They just have deficits in their executive functions. These are found in the pre-frontal cortex in the brain.

Regular parenting strategies don’t work for your ADHD child. You need ADHD specific behaviour management strategies. These will only be effective when you understand the root cause of your ADHD child’s difficulties and misbehaviour. Your ADHD child  really does want to succeed at home and in school.
The right ADHD knowledge is the key for all change.

Banish Your Overwhelm Declutter Your Home

Are you a  busy professional mum, struggling to balance your life and the life of your ADHD child? 
Only you know of the dark side lurking behind your front door. The clutter, the mess and general chaos. I know, because I have ADHD myself.  I have struggled mightily for many years to find systems that work for my brain. I searched high and low. I have found the answers. There is currently only one layer of mess and clutter  in my home…with my 5 ADHD children…
If you have ADHD then you understand what a daily achievement that is…

Easy Morning & Evening Routines for YOU and Your ADHD Child

If you are a mum of an ADHD child, you must have realised by now that the traditional parenting methods don’t work at best, or backfire at worst.
If  you have an ADHD child, normal, regular household rules are almost impossible to create and maintain. Your success at parenting your ADHD child will largely depend on the severity of your ADHD child’s symptoms, whether they have a comorbid condition, and  most importantly how well you are managing your ADHD.
The two most stressful times of your day, are the morning and evening rush. For you and your ADHD child, they are a nightmare. 

Ten Truths That Every Mum of an ADHD Child Needs to Know

Being a mum is tough. You have so much to juggle. Being a mum of an ADHD child, it doesn’t matter how old they are, is infinitely harder. Mistakes made in a moment can take years if ever, to repair. Learning about ADHD, what it is, and what it isn’t will turn your frustrations into understanding. It will bring you from confusion to clarity.
Are you helplessly watching in horror as your ADHD child as they dig themselves deeper into their self-made pit?
The course content is tailored for the ADHD brain – short and focused videos, full of no-fluff facts.
When you know the truth about ADHD, you will start to accept your child’s ADHD. Only then you can start to turn your “why is my child doing that?” into “what do I need to do to support my child?” Yes, you CAN  succeed in raising your ADHD child to become emotionally mature and responsible.

Flexible Laundry Systems for the Creative ADHD Mum

If you want to understand the underlying reasons behind your laundry chaos; and you want to understand more about how to turn your ADHD deficits into strengths; plus, you want to get to the heart of the matter right now, then this course if for you.

Lessons are short and focused. No waffle.

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