It was a packed audience at the “ADHD Myths and Facts” conference at Lloyds bank, Market Street Manchester. The conference was organised by Addiss, the leading national ADHD awareness charity. ADDISS organised full day and half day conferences around the UK as October is ADHD awareness month. I was asked to organise the Manchester event. Andrea Bilbow OBE Kevin Roberts, M.A. Sharon Saline, Psy.D. and myself spoke on ADHD related topics. 

Thank you Simon Chapman and Holly Gaffney for accommodating us at Lloyds bank. 

The event was a great success. 

The first address was “Welcome & ADHD Myth-busting.”  Andrea Bilbow OBE, ADDISS CEO and President of ADHD Europe. Andrea is an expert with over two decades of work supporting people with ADHD. Andrea looked at some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding ADHD, and  shared resources to help combat misinformation and challenge those who continue to question whether ADHD is real.

I spoke next about ” Focus and Achievement with ADHD.” The modern woman experiences shockingly overwhelming responsibilities. It is becoming even harder to balance life, family and career. I gave practical tools how to create that elusive inner focus and  life balance, and improve efficiency in all areas of  life the ADHD way.

Dr Sharon Saline spoke about “The ABC’s of ADHD and Executive Functioning.” Dr Sharon Saline gave over  new approaches to daily challenges of living with a child or teen with ADHD. She gave practical tools for parents of children with ADHD to help their child’s  executive functioning skills while reducing conflict and building competence. Dr. Saline used a strength-based approach to managing challenging behaviors that is proven to bring calm to families and help the ADHD  reach their potential.

After the break we heard, “Schindler’s Gift: How one man harnessed ADHD to change the world”  by Kevin Roberts. He gave a really interesting and animated talk presenting a view of Oskar Schindler. Kevin demonstrated through his thorough research that Oscar Schindler had ADHD, and how he used his ADHD strengths to change the world. His view is supported by his collaboration with Dr Erica Rosenberg, the biographer of Oskar Schindler’s wife, Emily.

This time in the Jewish calendar is one of the most busiest and stressful in the Jewish year.  On a personal level I am married and I am a mum with 5 children ranging from 19 years to 7 years old.
So how do I do it?
Many people mispronounce my name and call me “Fairy” I still do not yet possess a a magic wand.
I do not employ a large team to help me either.
I will tell you how I do it.

When Andrea asked me to help arrange this conference I immediately thought of the three goals that I aim to achieve every day. If I could still get those done on a reasonable level  then I would agree to assist. 
They are:
1. Maintain my routine of meals and clean clothes for the family.
2. Keep up my exercise routine.
3.Get to bed at a reasonable time, no matter what.
When you have your priorities right the rest follows…

With a lot of effort  and planning I managed it. There is no magic wand. It takes time and lots of effort to learn new habits and then turn those habits into routined habits.  
Contact me to find out how you can create your focus and inner grounding with your ADHD. 

Part of being human is having fears. Many fears you can avoid. If you are afraid of flying you can use other means of transport. If you have a fear of spiders you can somehow avoid them. The biggest fear out there, is the fear of failure or making mistakes.  This fear accompanies us when we embark on something new. It is a really big fear. Most people avoid this fear at all costs. This leads to the biggest pain. The pain of unachieved potential. 

Remember this line, “Success is doing, results come from G-d.” I had no idea how many people would attend the event on Monday. I had no idea how it would work out. One thing I do know, this event was a success just by planning this event and carrying it out, regardless of outcome.
I push through my fears. I become comfortable with that uncomfortable feeling, called anxiety that comes with coming out of my comfort zone and making myself vulnerable for failure.

2.I  expect to make mistakes. I once heard a really good line, “Stupid people make the same mistakes again and again. Clever people make different mistakes every time…”

3.I banish the word “perfect” from my vocabulary and as as result banish that inner paralysing pressure that stops one from moving forward. Remember that whatever you plan, as long as you are alive you will be making mistakes. Dead people don’t make mistakes.

Do you have a dream? Do you have fears that may stopping you from taking action? Bear in mind the above points. Take that first step then another one… 
Watch my talk here. You will see it is not perfect, but it’s pretty good… and there are mistakes… and so what…
Please comment and like thank you.

Find out about the ADHD Women in Business event here.

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