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Through many years of hard work and sheer will power I have turned my inner critic into my inner best friend. I live the successful ADHD life. Even with my busy family life, and the mess that is constantly being created, there is only ever one layer of mess in my home…I still live from one self-made crisis to the next, and they are many… I use the ADHD tools that I learned along my journey to guide my clients and trainees to handle the internal overwhelm and manage their chaos.

I realised early on, that getting organised and learning to manage my time was the root of my personal and busines success. I searched high and low for the answers to my disorganised inner and outer chaos. I couldn’t find those answers anywhere. I read so many self-help books on decluttering and home organisation. They did not resonate with me, they actually made me feel worse.


Welcome my new friend.

I can honestly say that I have  two regrets in my life.

Here is the first one.

It is high time that women started to listen to their inner soul voice, their intuition. You know the truth. I have few regrets in life. My ONLY regrets are the times when I ignored my inner voice. Every time I did this, I ALWAYS messed up.

Women ask me how I can be so sure of my decisions in life, both large and small.  I have seen so many times that when I stop and listen to my inner soul voice, and I bravely follow through with my decisions, even when I am faced with great opposition, I am ALWAYS right. 

My second regret is not realising soon enough that I was the victim of emotional abuse. When I did realise it, I got so confused. I didn’t realise just how pervasive and totally soul destroying emotional abuse can be.

An overwhelming number of people with ADHD have a second comorbid condition. If you dig a bit deeper, this means that family members of those with ADHD will often have (undiagnosed) and unmanaged ADHD. They too will have comorbid conditions.

This means that its fun and games or flames and fireworks in an extended ADHD family… Typical ADHD deficits are extreme lack of insight,  and lack of emotional self-regulation, (anger issues) difficulties with impulse control, (controlling what is said) and the typical black and white thinking all combine to create an environment conducive to emotional abuse. 

My advice to you, dear friend:


If you recognise your situation in my description, RUN AWAY FROM YOUR EMOTIONALLY DRAINING FAMILY MEMBERS.RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN.

My third regret is, putting up with clutter for too long…Clutter comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A lot of clutter is intangible, yet the damaging effects are real. Here are a few examples:

Digital clutter, monetary clutter, time clutter, and more. 

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