ADHD coach training and mentoring

As a certified coach, with an interest in the ADHD field, you will have experienced,  with increased frustration, that the coaching methods that you trained with don’t seem to work well for your ADHD clients. You have observed well!

This is because your ADHD coaching clients need specific ADHD coaching methods. They need very structured sessions with an emphasis on accountability and support between sessions.
Your ADHD client will choose you over another general coach, because they have specific needs that only another ADHD coach is equipped to address. Further, most ADHD coaches have ADHD or have a family member with ADHD, so it is a given that they understand their clients on a deeper level than regular coaches.

If you are interested in adding the ADHD coach side to your existing coaching business, then this blog will clarify some of your confusion.

You may be unclear about the difference between a coach and a mentor. This article clarifies this.

According to Wikipedia, coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a coach, supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goals by providing training and guidance coaching differs from mentoring by focusing on specific tasks or objectives, as opposed to more general goals or overall development.

Coaching is usually more likely to be short-term, and the client has a specific outcome in mind, (in this case, adding the ADHD tool kit to their existing coach skill set.) Mentoring tends to be more long-term.

Coaching is more performance focused, working on improving a specific skill.  Mentoring is more development focused. Coaching sessions are more structured and are scheduled more regularly. Mentoring meetings may be more informal and are scheduled when the client feels a need.

Coaching and mentoring are both is more expertise and experience based.

The coach asks thought-provoking questions and thereby opens up the understanding of the client to take action.  With mentoring, the client is likely to ask more questions from the mentor.

Coaching is more specific results focused. Mentoring is more focused on the overall long-term development of the client.

The ADHD Accelerator Program is an ADHD coach training program. As an existing coach, you will learn the specific tools that you need in order to expand your business into coaching ADHD clients. If you are putting in so much effort, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you succeed.

From the time your client first contacts you, until they sign up and then move on, your ADHD client needs specific ADHD focused tools that will keep them motivated, and help them reach their potential. You can’t find these tools in general ADHD coach training programs.  You may find some, but not all that you need.  By signing up for the ADHD Accelerator Program, which is a 121 program, you will get those tools tailored for your specific needs.

Don’t be fooled that you can just patch some tools together from some online free courses. It just doesn’t work.

If you are an existing ADHD coach, then the  24 month Mentorship program is for you. This is a stand-alone program, not connected with the ADHD Accelerator Program. This program offers you the support that you need in order to drive your business forward.

The 24 month Mentorship program is affordable and is designed to be sustainable long-term so that you can get the most benefit.

Being one of the most experienced and certified ADHD coaches here in the UK, I have created a 121 program that is specifically tailored to give you the tools and the confidence that you need to set up your successful ADHD coaching business. The skills that you need to succeed in the ADHD coaching field will be different from another coach, so this program will not be marketed as a general ADHD coach training program.

Upon completion of the ADHD Accelerator Program you will benefit from further advancement via the 24 month mentorship program. Please note, this program runs independently from the ADHD Accelerator Program


Module 1 – …Grow your business The Sky is the Limit – Set up ADHD friendly business systems

Module 2 – …Find your ADHD Client Niche

Module 3 – …The 3 Step Client sign-up Strategy

Module 4 – …The 5 Step Focus Success Program to use for your clients

Module 5 – …Social Media Mastery


  • Prepare a talk/workshop on ADHD
  • How to teach your client decluttering skills
  • How to network/partnering to expand your client base
  • How to build your confidence even and especially with your ADHD
  • Identifying your fears and how to move through them
  • Refining your client welcome package
  • Create more time for self-care as you grow your business
  • Laying ADHD focused business systems that work for you and your ADHD brain
  • Nailing down your client sign-up strategy
  • Enhance your ADHD coaching tool-kit
  • Vision and mindset
  • Get clients via social media
  • Find your ideal client niche

Common Questions

  • How do I know what the main problems are am I solving for my clients through my ADHD coaching services?
  • How do I field ADHD coaching enquiries?
  • Is ADHD coaching a sustainable business?
  • How will I find new clients?
  • How do I handle competition?
  • Which is the best level of ADHD coach certification?
  • What’s the main
    reason that clients sign up for ADHD coaching?
  • How do I set my fees?  
  • Is it hard to train and qualify as an ADHD coach?
  • Are there many ADHD coaches in the UK?
  • How do I know what the main problems are am I solving for my clients through my ADHD coaching services?

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