I have ADHD

You live daily with the intense pressure of being expected to excel, and constantly expecting to fail. You live with the crippling shame, and intense guilt, plus overwhelming anxiety. You are constantly covering up your mistakes. You are clueless how to explain to your family and your boss why your ADHD brain won’t focus, won’t remember, and won’t pay attention.

How do I know this? I have ADHD. I have 5 ADHD children. I live with the intense daily struggles that only another ADHD mum can truly understand.

We are a secret, hidden club. I have come out in the open. I am educating ethe world. Stop suffering and start thriving.

Will you join me on your journey of self-discovery?



Being a mum is hard. Being a mum of an ADHD child is infinitely harder. If you, like me, have ADHD, then you’re off the charts! You and your ADHD child need specialist ADHD Tools. I can teach you those tools.

You, and only you, determine your success. Noone else. You are welcome to continue blaming other people for your ADHD child’s failure to thrive. Where will that get you?o Yu can decide to take matters int your own hands. You can choose to empower yourself with simple, easy to implement tools that will restore law and order in your home. You and only you decide your happiness level and your inner peace.

Will you join me on your journey of self-discovery?

Welcome to the Next Level of Focus & Clarity


In the UK, ADHD in women is largely unknown, misdiagnosed, and usually goes untreated.

Focus with Faigy provides ADHD knowledge, and tools so that you can live your life with focus and clarity. We are based in Manchester, and work with clients worldwide. We support our ADHD clients to live their lives with focus and clarity.

When you sign up for one of my courses, you have signed up for your ticket to your focus and inner clarity.   



If you have ADHD, I am sure you have realised that regular productivity courses, and organising cours don’t work for you.

They  just make you feel worse, and convince you that you are unteachable.

You need expert and simple ADHD tools to support your ADHD brain.



You know that traditional productivity tools just don’t work for people with ADHD.

You need something that speaks to your brain in its own language.

And that’s why I created ADHD Parenting Courses, a suite of tools designed specifically for people with ADHD.


Are you a therapist working with ADHD clients?

Do you want to know how to empower them to see results? Your ADHD clients need a unique set of skills and support. Regular tools do now work.

My professional traning courses will give you the confidence that you can work with your ADHD clients with success.


You’re constantly juggling so many different tasks at once, and dropping far too many balls to admit. Your constant cover ups, together with your inner shame and guilt, which you think that all mums seem to live with is slowly squeezing the life out of you.

There is better way to live. You need my ADHD Mum Survival Tools


What Is ADHD Coaching?

Hello, I’m Faigy Liebermann and I am a certified  ADHD coach. I support professional mums with the tools to create focus and inner peace. You will learn tools to support your ADHD brain. You will naturally start to work smarter, not harder. If you are the mum of an ADHD child, you will learn how to become your ADHD child’s best advocate. Your life will start to flow in ways that you could never imagine. 

What is ADHD coaching?

ADHD management is “Pills and Skills.” You learn the skills taht your need to succeed with your ADHD from a certified ADHD coach.

Contact me to find out more.


What should I look for in an ADHD Coach?

Certification, Program, Results.

Is the ADHD coach certified with a coaching organisation that focuses on ADHD?

Has the ADHD coach created their own program and extra resources?

Read what other clients say. 

Contact me to find out more.

What are your fees?

You are asking the wrong question. You need ot ask:

“What are your results with  your ADHD clients?”

My clients regularly reach not only 100% of their goals,  nor 150% They regularly reach 200% and more. They reach goals that they never knew existed.

Here is my unique guarantee, the only ADHD coaching guarantee of its kind in the world:

You have signed up for 12 weeks. You have done your grow work between sessions, that you set at your pace, and after 12 weeks you have not yet reached your goal, I will coach you FOR FREE until you do!! Most clients reach more than one goal within the 12 week period.

You will succee not because you will hyper-focus on your goal. This is because you will get the knowledge and support that you need to turn your ADHD deficits into the strengths that they are.

It is well known that many people with ADHD earn far below their potential. For this reason I have set aside a small number of subsidised places. There may be a waiting list for this. Don’t fall into the ADHD trap of waiting for the perfect moment. Please get in touch with me here.

How many sessions do I need to see results?

How long is a piece of string?

Your ADHD coaching experience with me will be fun and enlightening. It wil take time.

Most clients are in my program for 18 months. They understand that it takes time to unlearn one’s old habits, learn new ones, and turn them into long-term habits that they will mainatain over the course of their lives.

All my clients say that even after the very first session, they feel two things:

1. Hope

2. Expansion

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Hi. I’m Faigy Liebermann.

I have ADHD. My five children all have ADHD.  You can imagine, it’s fun and games in my home.  Over the years I’ve had my fair share of struggles.  There have been many years when I felt like I was groping in the dark.  And I asked God,  why did you put me in this place?

I plodded on, putting one foot in front of the other. Ever so slowly, the darkness turned into light.

All my challenges are still there. They haven not disappeared. Now I have learned to manage them, and most importantly turn those challenges into strengths to serve me and my family.   You too can access your inner light.

My self-help courses show you how to do that with ease and focus.

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Focus with Faigy specialises in:

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  • ADHD parenting tools for ADHD children
  • Professional ADHD Coach training and mentoring

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