Learn how to manage your ADHD, and your child’s ADHD.

The ADHD woman lives daily with the intense pressure of being expected to excel, and constantly expecting to fail; the crippling shame, and intense guilt and anxiety; feeling frazzled, and being clueless how to explain why your ADHD brain won’t focus to those who need to know is totally draining.


Being a mum is hard. Being a mum of an ADHD child is much harder. If you have an ADHD child you have probably realised that the regular parenting strategies simply do not work for your ADHD child.  Check out my ADHD Parenting Tools to discover the most important and life-changing ADHD parenting tool that you can possess.

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In the UK, ADHD in women is largely unknown, misdiagnosed, and usually goes untreated.

What we offer:

Focus with Faigy provides ADHD knowledge, and tools so that you can live your life with focus and clarity. We are based in Manchester, and work with clients worldwide. We support our ADHD clients to live their lives with focus and clarity.

When you sign up for one of our courses, you will get a personal welcome email from myself. Please use the ADHD support that you have signed up for, and get in touch with me about any ADHD related course questions you may have.

Focus with Faigy specialises in ADHD Empowerment and ADHD Skills.

“Focus and Clarity with Your ADHD.”


 Traditional productivity tools don’t work for you—at best, they just aren’t a good fit for your ADHD brain, and at worst they backfire and make things worse instead of better.

You need specialist ADHD tools to support your ADHD life.



You know that traditional productivity tools just don’t work for people with ADHD. You need something that speaks to your brain in its own language.

And that’s why I created ADHD Parenting Courses, a suite of tools designed specifically for people with ADHD.


Your ADHD clients have unique needs.

They need support between sessions, reminders, and clear visual tools to help them process and internalise the ADHD information and ADHD tools.

This course includes 12 clear and attractive pdfs and infographics that you can download and share with your clients.


As an ADHD Mum, you know how difficult it is to hold the many different parts of your life together.

You’re constantly juggling so many different tasks at once, but sometimes you just can’t seem to get everything done.

You need my ADHD Parenting Survival Tools


What Is ADHD Coaching?

Hello, I’m Faigy Liebermann and I am a ADHD success coach working with professional mums who have children with ADHD, who want more focus and inner peace, working on systems to work smarter, not harder and have a more balanced work and home integration.

What is ADHD coaching?

ADHD coaching is a process of using coaching techniques to help people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).


What makes a good ADHD coach?

Make sure they have a specific ADHD coaching qualification, because there is a lot of overlap between life coaching, personal development and ADHD coaching.

If they don’t have any specific qualifications, then you really need to be careful about hiring them.

The best thing to do is look for someone who has been trained in an accredited course specifically for ADHD coaching.

What should I look for in an ADHD Coach?

Experience. If you have a spouse or family member with ADHD and you don’t have it yourself, I think that’s not enough. You have to be in the trenches with someone who has ADHD to really understand it.

Does the coach do anything for the community or the National communal good, for those with ADHD. 

What are your fees?

 I charge different fees depending on the circumstances.

My coaching fees are usually higher than the average ADHD coach’s because of my experience and expertise in this field.

If you’d like to know more about my rates, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs further.

How many sessions do you usually recommend for ADHD coaching?

You can’t change your life in a day. It takes time to learn about your ADHD, work with an ADHD coach, and put the new strategies into daily practice.

Most clients work with an ADHD coach for nine to 18 months before they feel like they’ve really mastered their new habits and behaviours.

About Me

Hi. I’m Faigy Liebermann. I’m delighted that you found my website.  I’ll just tell you a bit about my journey, because I think my journey is quite similar to your journey.

I have ADHD, and I have five children also have ADHD.  So you can imagine I’ve had my fair share of struggles.  There have been many, many years of my life when I feel it was dark.  And I asked God, where’s the light?  There’s no light.  Why did you put me in this place?

There’s always that voice inside me and it’s said, Faigy, just hang on and there’ll be lights soon, just wait a bit longer, just push through.   Plod on put one foot in front of the other. Just do what you have to do.   And you’ll see this darkness is going to turn into Light and that’s what’s happened.

I have the same challenges internally, externally.   However, now there is mostly light and I am lucky.   I am very privileged that I can shine my light like a lantern for for other women just like you

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A group for Creative ADHD business women who want to be the best they can be.


Go on an audio tour of my home, and learn how I manage to declutter and organise my home, with my ADHD.

ADHD Books

These books will show you new insights about your ADHD, not found anywhere else.


Focus with Faigy specialises in:

  • ADHD self-help tools for the Creative ADHD Business Mum

  • ADHD parenting tools for ADHD children

  • Professional ADHD Coach training and mentoring

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